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Yankees 3, Orioles 4: The night ends in disappointment

Rich Schultz

This game looked to be going so well. CC Sabathia pitched a no hitter into the sixth inning and the Yankees offense took a three run lead over T.J. McFarland, which is a good lead for the 2013 Yankees. The problem was that the Yankees knocked McFarland out of the game in the third inning and Kevin Gausman came in and shut the Yankees out from then on. Once CC gave up his no hitter with a single by Nate McLouth, he also gave up a single to Alexi Casilla, a double to Manny Machado, and an infield single to Adam Jones and just like that the Yankees' lead was gone. McLouth homered in his next at-bat to take the lead and pretty much end the game. I actually thought CC was going to pitch a no hitter.

The Yankees offense collected seven hits and a walk in 2.2 innings, but only managed four hits for the rest of the game. They scored a run in the first inning after a Brett Gardner double and a Robinson Cano single. Then in the third, Jayson Nix, Vernon Wells and Chris Stewart all collected hits to score the three runs. Beyond that it was just an assortment of a few hits.

The Good:

CC Sabathia pitched seven innings and gave up five hits and four runs with six strikeouts.

Joba Chamberlain didn't give up any hits or runs and struck out a batter!

Brett Gardner had two hits and Robinson Cano had three, two of which were off lefties.

David Adams walked on four pitches.

Zoilo Almonte got a hit and stole a base on Matt Wieters!

At least there's that.

After being shutout over 7.1 innings between Gausman and Tommy Hunter, it's pretty clear that the Yankees need to upgrade their offense. It's gotten ridiculous how bad this team is right now, so if they don't do something they'll fall out of contention pretty soon.

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