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Yankees lineup vs. Orioles, Phelps scratched, Sabathia to start

Mike Stobe

The Yankees have released their lineup for tonight's game against the Baltimore Orioles and T.J. McFarland:

Brett Gardner is back in the lineup after taking yesterday off because of a head cold. That means Vernon Wells is out of the outfield today, however he is still in the lineup, batting cleanup again, as the DH.

This will be Zoilo Almonte's first start against a left-hander, despite poor career numbers against them in the minors. Interestingly, Chris Stewart has been moved up in the lineup to the 7th spot so David Adams and Alberto Gonzalez can stay at the bottom of the lineup.

David Adams is getting his first start at first base, which will be interesting to see. Lyle Overbay has been terrible against left-handed hitters, but Joe Girardi has started him regardless, since the Yankees have no alternatives. It seems that Adams is suddenly an option there, so we'll see what happens.

David Phelps has apparently been scratched from tonight's start, but it was unclear as to why. Speculation about a trade began to surface, but Brian Cashman has no interest in trading him. Phelps is healthy and still with the team and will be starting on Saturday. According to Larry Rothchild, CC Sabathia was always supposed to start tonight's game, but the probables were submitted incorrectly. However, there is a much more likely reason for the change:

Hopefully CC can get them through the first half of the season, despite his inconsistencies.

NoMaas thinks the Yankees are trying to disrespect Flanny.

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