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Yankees GIFs of the Week: Darvish and Pettitte Nixed, Girardi's done

Which have been the best Yankees GIFs of the past week?

Jim McIsaac

Once upon a time (okay, maybe just a month or so ago), I tried to do a GIF of the Game feature. However, the problem with that was that not every game leads itself to a good GIF. It wasn't the effort just to show a rally in GIF form; the game video could do that instead. Thus, we're trying something new--GIFs of the Week. These will try to showcase the best GIFs of the previous week in Yankees baseball.

Vote in the poll below for your favorite!

6/25: Darvish gets Nixed

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Yu Darvish did not bring his best to Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night. He gave up three solo homers in just five and a third innings of work. The first was launched by Travis Hafner, the former Indians slugger.

Yu: Well whatever. He's hit 213 in his career and can still run into a dinger every now and then.

Brett Gardner was the next to take Darvish deep.

Yu: That's more annoying, but Gardner has had a decent increase in power this year.

Finally, Jayson Nix took him deep to knot the game at three in sixth.

Yu: ...I hate everything ever.

6/26: Pettitte gets Nixed


(h/t SBN's Bill Hanstock)

Damn it, guys. You look like the Astros out there.

6/27: Girardi empathizes


What do you do when your team gets two hits all day and the home plate umpire is pissing you off? Throw in the towel, like Rocky should have done for Apollo in Rocky IV. I like to imagine that Girardi just leaves the park immediately afterwards. The 5:00 news doesn't watch itself, y'know.