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Yankees lineup vs. Rangers, A-Rod & Yankees insurance fraud supervillainy

Look upon thy lineup, ye Yankees, and despair.

Mike Stobe

Look at it, but try not to stare too long fellow Yankees fans. You might burn your retina. This lineup is almost a true testament to the "let the kids play" philosophy. I suppose Brett Gardner does need a day off every now and then. I just wish it wasn't with Phil Hughes, fly ball pitcher & meatball professional, on the mound. They will face Derek Holland.

Meanwhile, at stately Wayne Manor, Batman & Robin diligently investigate Alex Rodriguez's plan to return to game action in order to rob the Yankees' vault of diamonds, jewels, and dignity. The sentence I just typed is just as believable as the erroneous bile coming out of the "professional" sports media outlets. If it's not A-Rod's villainous scheme to screw the Yankees over, it's the Yankees' scheme to slow his return to the field so they can collect eight percent of his salary this year via insurance. You know, because that's just how shit works.