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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 12: The triumphant return, in search of first basemen

Thirteen and a half months after the last podcast, it's finally back. We are displeased with the Yankees' injury woes and Joba's Joba.

"Looks tasty."
"Looks tasty."

The Pinstripe Alley Podcast is back, with returning hosts Greg Kirkland and Tanya Bondurant in addition to rookie podcasters Jason Cohen and myself. We discuss the recent crappy Mark Teixeira news and the disaster that is the Yankees' first base situation (and offense in general), then spend some time figuring out what to do with Joba Chamberlain. He is... something. Jason has a terrifying prediction about the Phillies' Michael Young, who was a -1.7 fWAR player last year in Texas. We also honor site writer Matt Ferenchick with a special birthday treat toward the end.

Many thanks go out to Camden Chat's Mark Brown ("Eat More Esskay"), whose own podcast experience helped us put this together.

The podcast runs for 39 minutes, and you can listen with the embedded player here or click the link below. Any and all feedback is appreciated! Yes, I am getting a better mic.

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