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Mark Teixeira injury: Community Reactions

Mike Stobe

In light of the news that Mark Teixeira would be undergoing season-ending surgery on his wrist, lots of people took to the comment section and to Twitter with some sort of immediate reaction, whether it was frustration or a general feeling of having expected the news all along. Here are a compilation of some of those reactions from our Twitter followers and the comments on our site.

Both Jason and one of our Twitter followers had the same question: Is there something wrong with the training staff? Why are they not taking more heat for the fact that Teixeira is now the third Yankee this season to try and return from an injury too soon, only to end up more injured. I'm sure that Derek Jeter and Kevin Youkilis, like Teixeira, thought they were healthy enough to return, but clearly that wasn't the case. Do we need better trainers or a better process for medical clearance?

Silver linings! Maybe the Yankees can use some of the money they will save on Teixeira's contract to take on some salary for an offensive boost at next month's trade deadline. Teams that are willing to sell usually want to shed their bad contracts, and now the Yankees may have a little more money they are willing to spend in order to pick up a first base stopgap.

Most people seemed to know that this was coming for Teixeira after a cortisone shot failed to reduce the pain in his wrist. Jose Bautista had the surgery last season and was ready for Opening Day, so that's what we can hope happens with Teixeira too, even though even surgically repaired wrists are a cause for concern.

long time listener took a page from the Greg Kirkland handbook and made a bad situation a little lighter with a song parody. There's never a bad time for those.

We were all thinking it. Teixeira needing surgery puts the Yankees at the mercy of every team in baseball with a first baseman they are willing to deal for the right price. There will likely be no bargains to be found now that other teams know the Yankees are desperate. I mean, what's the alternative? Playing Lyle Overbay full-time for the rest of the season?

The majority of voters in the post about using internal options to replace Teixeira were not optimistic that Overbay, Dan Johnson, and Kyle Roller could be adequate fill-ins for the remainder of the season. Overbay make work as a platoon bat, but turning the position over to him in the midst of a run toward a playoff spot is kind of terrifying. The Yankees are fortunate that this news came when they still have time to make a trade before the deadline, but who should be their main targets, and who won't cost far too much in terms of prospects to acquire?

What was your reaction to the news that Tex would miss the rest of this season?

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