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Brian Cashman says Alex Rodriguez should shut up

The Yankees third baseman got a Twitter account and everything went downhill from there.

Al Messerschmidt

The tweet that set Brian Cashman off seemed to be innocent enough. Alex Rodriguez took to his fairly new Twitter account to announce that he'd been cleared to play in games after a long rehab from off-season hip surgery. According to Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York, Cashman did not take kindly to the tweet that contradicted comments from yesterday that said Rodriguez had not yet been cleared to play in games.

Cashman took issue with the fact that Dr. Bryan Kelly, who performed the surgery on A-Rod's hip, no longer had the authority to call the shots after the third baseman left New York for Tampa. Once Rodriguez was back in Florida, the team doctors had the final say. Cashman said those doctors had not yet cleared A-Rod and that it would probably be sometime after July 1st before that happened.

If this is the full story, Cashman was completely irresponsible to have such an outburst in front of the media that ignites a firestorm every time the slightest hint of drama surrounds Alex Rodriguez. The matter should have been dealt with privately, and not doing so is just going to serve as a launching pad for a thousand more articles about how the Yankees are sick of Alex Rodriguez. Maybe they are, but the front office should maintain at least the lowest level of professionalism with their feelings on the subject. The New York media is brutal enough without casually dropping comments for them to have a field day with.

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