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Yankees lineup vs. Rangers, Teixeira injury update

Jim McIsaac

The Yankees lineup Joe Girardi is throwing out against Yu Darvish and the Rangers:

The first thing you might notice about this lineup is that it's entirely lefty stacked; it's not until you go all the way down to Jayson Nix, the seventh batter in the lineup, do you reach a right-handed hitter. After that it's David Adams and Chris Stewart to round out the right-handed hitters at the bottom of the order. The strategy is obviously to overwhelm the right-handed Yu Darvish with lefties, but, unfortunately for Girardi, he has a 2.96 FIP against them, which is actually better than he is against right-handers (3.35 FIP). I'm not sure if this makes them any less likely to be no-hit tonight, or if it just hurts them even more. We'll see.

I like Brett Gardner and Ichiro Suzuki at the top of the order, in theory, but Ichiro only has a .306 OBP, which needs to be higher if you want him on base before Robinson Cano comes up.

Zoilo Almonte is tied for the third highest WAR on the Yankees (0.6), despite playing in only five games so far. It's both funny and sad that such a small sample size could lead to one of the most productive players on the team. As an added bonus, he gets Vernon Wells out of the lineup.

Mark Teixeira is seeing a doctor tonight in order to evaluate his wrist, after a cortisone shot proved to be ineffective. There is a real possibility that he is going to need surgery to repair the partially torn sheath in his wrist and if that happens he will be out for the year. At this point he might as well get the surgery because no progress has been made in over a week despite the inflammation being believed to be nothing too serious. If he can't hit correctly from one side of the plate because of his wrist then he needs to get himself right and worry about getting healthy. A decision on what to do with him could come any day now.

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