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Mark Teixeira injury: Wrist pain not responding to cortisone shot; surgery possible


After undergoing an MRI that showed inflammation in his wrist, Mark Teixeira was treated with a cortisone shot that was supposed to reduce the soreness in his injured risk. According to Brian Cashman, Teixeira's wrist has not responded to the shot more than a week later, and season-ending surgery remains very much a possibility. Team doctors are trying to figure out why the cortisone shot has been ineffective, but continued soreness from a wrist injury that has always carried the threat of needing surgery is obviously a concerning development.

Since the pain has only impacted Teixeira's left-handed swing, it seemed like making him purely a right-handed hitter for as long as he was feeling discomfort might be an option. Both Cashman and Teixeira have said that that isn't an option, with both preferring the season-ending surgery over Tex playing as a platoon player.

If Teixeira cannot return this season, the Yankees will likely have to make the best of their situation with Lyle Overbay at first base. It doesn't seem like Kevin Youkilis will be back with the team any time soon, if at all, to provide any relief at the position. Overbay has a 93 wRC+ in 66 games for the Yankees this season. The farm system is pretty devoid of true first base talent. Kyle Roller has a 127 wRC+ and 10 home runs for Double-A Trenton this season, but lacks a spot on the 40-man roster. Corban Joseph had taken reps at first base in Triple-A this season, but he is currently on the DL in Triple-A.

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