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2013 Old Timers' Day Open Thread

Jim McIsaac

Welcome to the 67th annual Yankees Old Timers' Day game thread. Today you will see all time great players like Yogi Berra, David Cone, Whitey Ford, Goose Gossage, Ron Guidry, Reggie Jackson, Paul O'Neill and Bernie Williams take part in a Yankee tradition of celebrating history and old people.

Those that are making their Old Timers' Day debuts include John Flaherty, Brian Dorsett, Todd Greene, Scott Kamieniecki, Andy Phillips (shameless self promotion) and Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez. Click here for the full list of attendees.

Ceremonies begin at 11:15 am with the game starting immediately after. The regularly scheduled New York Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Rays game will start at 2:05 pm.

Kick back and relax for a full day of baseball festivities. Who is your favorite Yankee Old Timer? Which participants could help the current Yankees out the most?

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