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Yankees rumors: Robinson Cano and Yankees far apart on extension talks

According to Jon Heyman of CBS, talks between the Yankees and Robinson Cano about extending the star second baseman are not going well.

Mike Stobe

According to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, the Yankees and Robinson Cano are far apart in their discussions of a contract extension for the star second baseman. With Scott Boras as Cano's agent, it seemed a foregone conclusion that he would test free agency in pursuit of the highest pay day. After switching from Boras to friend of New York, Jay-Z, who recently embarked on a sports representation adventure, it seemed as though the Yankees may be able to work out a deal with Cano without getting into a bidding war with another team.

Heyman writes that friends of Cano say that he is looking for a deal in the $275 million dollar range, which would put it on par with the deal that Alex Rodriguez received. Heyman also suggests that the Yankees are trying to sell Cano on a deal that is similar to the one that the Mets gave David Wright worth $138 million. If the sides are that far apart, it seems like little can happen to get them to a place of mutual agreement. Heyman writes that talks could pick up again between Cano and the Yankees after the All-Star break.

Cano is going to be paid handsomely as the best free agent to hit the market this season, and more and more teams are finding the money necessary to bring in those few and far between stars that manage to hit the market without being locked up by their original team. If the Yankees hope to retain Cano after this season, it would be in their best interest to pay him now instead of letting the Dodgers or some other wealthy team dictate what they have to give him. If he isn't in their future plans, then playing hard ball with him seems like a good way to ensure that he walks at the end of this season.

It makes a world of sense for the team to not shackle themselves with another bad contract, but it would serve as a heavy blow to their offense for years to come if they cannot retain their best hitter. No replacement that currently exists in the farm could make up for what the team would be losing in Cano. He may not be worth the money, as so few are, but the Yankees have to be prepared for the negative consequences of letting their homegrown superstar leave in favor of continuing to pinch pennies.

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