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Yankees lineup against Red Sox and the AL East run differential

Why not?
Why not?

The lineup against the Red Sox is out:

In 28 plate appearances Robinson Cano has Clay Buchholz's number with a .429/.429/.679 batting line. The player with the next highest OPS is Mark Teixeira with a .211/.250/.526 line in 20 plate appearances.

Travis Hafner is back in the lineup for the first time in June after putting up a 62 wRC+ in all of May. Kevin Youkilis makes his return at third base and David Adams sits. Adams has a 40 wRC+ against righties so far in his short career, so he might be looking at some platoon duty if he's still here after Andy Pettitte returns from the DL tomorrow.

Chris Stewart is back in the lineup after leaving last night's game with dehydration.

On the flip side, the Red Sox have six players with a batting average over .300 against Hiroki Kuroda and Dustin Pedroia has a 1.233 OPS against him in 16 plate appearances. Hopefully this is all statistical noise causes by a small sample size.

If the Yankees lose tonight they would be tied with the Rays and Orioles in the loss column after being eight games games up on the Rays just six games ago. Baltimore and Tampa Bay have both gone 7-3 while the Yankees have gone 3-7 in the same 10-game stretch. In the division race the Yankees have a worse run differential (+8) than the Red Sox (+57), Orioles (+18), and Rays (+30). That doesn't look pretty.

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