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Biogenesis: 'Likely' suspensions and Alex Rodriguez

Winslow Townson

Major League Baseball has started its investigation into those connected to Biogenesis and will begin interviewing players. They have yet to talk to Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez, but that could be coming. It's unknown who they'll be able to suspend or if anything will happen at all, but according to Jon Heyman:

MLB officials believe the league's Joint Drug Agreement may allow it to announce suspensions before any appeal process in this case since the names have already surfaced publicly. The players union position is that any suspension, as well as the announcement of suspensions, should be stayed until the appeal process is complete.

That is where the debate stands, but where do the Yankees stand?

Kevin Youkilis will be out until September and that leaves the team with David Adams and Jayson Nix. The two of them have combined for 0.5 WAR this season and the Yankees have gotten -0.1 WAR of production from the position; the seventh worst in baseball. It's clear that they need an upgrade at the postion, but the only way to do that is to make a trade. Too bad Brian Cashman is content on standing pat:

Not only are they waiting around for a soon-to-be 38-year-old to come back from his second hip surgery, but he could also be suspended and, if MLB is still aiming for 100-game suspensions, he won't be helping anyone. Can the Yankees actually sit around and wait, even with so many factors against them, or does the team take action? Is Cashman's comments just strategy? If no trade is made does that mean that the Yankees are happy to coast through the rest of the season?