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Kevin Youkilis injury: Will undergo surgery on herniated disc and miss 10-12 weeks

Why not?


After experiencing numbess in his foot and heading back to the DL last week, this isn't all that surprising. Youkilis' back has been an issue for more of 2013 than it has been not an issue, and this is just the culmination of that. The Yankees took a chance by paying an injury prone third baseman $12 million dollars to fill in for their other injury prone third baseman, and that has backfired in spectacular fashion so far.

The team will stick with David Adams and Jayson Nix at third base until Alex Rodriguez returns. Ronnier Mustelier at Triple-A does present a third base option, but he is currently on the DL for the RailRiders and doesn't have a spot on the 40-man roster. If you want to go a step more desperate, Josh Bell also plays third base for the RailRiders. Nothing seems like a great, surefire solution, but Youkilis hadn't done much since early this season anyway, so this seems mainly like moving furniture around, regardless of who they go with.

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