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Around the Empire: New York Yankees News - 6/18/13

Ezra Shaw

Yesterday on Pinstriped Bible

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Quick Hits

  • David Robertson is sporting a pretty big bruise after getting hit by a comebacker against the Angels.
  • The Yankees signed 14th round draft pick Conner Kendrick for $100,000.
  • The Yankees will be watching their 33rd round draft pick Shane McCarley pitch this weekend and could then offer him a contract.
  • Dustin Fowler, Drew Bridges, Shane McCarley, and Hever Bueno are all Yankees draftees who could tap into the pool money.
  • Is Mariano Rivera's recent increase in BABIP something to be concerned about?

Questions of the Day

  • Who should be the Yankees' starting first baseman?
  • Will the Yankees be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline?
  • What is your favorite store?
  • What is your biggest pet peeve?

Coming Up Today

  • Baby Bomber Recap 6/17/13: Michael O'Neill picks up two hits in Staten Island season opener @ 9 am
  • Yankees/Dodgers series preview @ 11 am
  • 2013 MLB Trade Rumors: Yankees First baseman trade targets @ 1 pm
  • Is Robinson Cano the best second baseman of this era? @ 3 pm
  • New York Yankees vs. Los Angeles Dodgers at 7:05 pm (Game Thread at 6:30 pm)