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Mark Teixeira injury: Disabled list likely, per Brian Cashman

Ezra Shaw

After an MRI on Mark Teixeira's wrist revealed only inflammation, Brian Cashman said in a conference call today that he feels the Yankees first baseman will need a trip to the disabled list, and won't be able to play for at least seven days. The outcome could have been worse, as the Blue Jays found out with Jose Bautista last season. Bautista returned from the disabled list and re-injured himself, forcing him into season-ending surgery. It sounds like Teixeira dodged a bullet on that front, but wrist injuries have a tendency to linger. If that's the case for Tex, and the pain continues to impact his performance at the plate, the Yankees are stuck relying on Lyle Overbay or Kevin Youkilis to fill the spot at first base.

There isn't much relief in Triple-A either, as Dan Johnson and Bobby Wilson have been recently playing first base for the RailRiders. Corban Joseph got some reps at first base earlier this season, but he is currently on the DL himself. There is an assumption that most people can play first base in a pinch, and that may be true, but you are still sacrificing the tremendous defense that Teixeira plays there every game, and likely sacrificing plenty of offense too.

As long as the injuries keep piling up for the Yankees, they'll have to keep turning to undesirables to fill in the gaps. With the trade deadline approaching, the team could feel desperate enough to make a move for a position player, but it seems more likely that they will stand pat and hope that everyone comes back healthy eventually.

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