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Off day open thread: The make your own Girardi nickname edition

Rob Carr

There's no game today, so that means we have to come up with something for all you people to do tonight. I've come up with a terrible idea, but I'm going to run it by you anyway.

Joe Girardi comes up with some stupid nicknames for his players, but some of them are really funny. The best ones are the ones he actually doesn't call them and I find it fun to guess who he calls what. Does he add a -y to their last name or their first name? The suspense kills me. I like to guess what he'd call every player in the Yankees organization because I'm cool like that.

Now, we're going to play a little game, since it's an off day. Come up with the most ridiculous Joe Girardi nickname you can think of, whether they're Yankees, baby bombers, opponents, or anyone else. Just like with the John Sterling open thread, let's have fun with this stupid little corner of the Yankees universe and see if we can't come up with something better than Phelpsie and Hughesie.

You can talk about other stuff too, I guess, but do this stupid thing too! I'll start you off: What would he call the Yankees' recent draft picks?