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Yankees lineup vs. Angels, Clayton Kershaw's extension could pass CC Sabathia's contract

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The lineup for today's game against the Angels has been annouced:

Joe Girardi continues to play outfielder roulette as Thomas Neal sits and Vernon Wells gets back in the lineup, for some reason. Ichiro Suzuki is betting second because the alternative is more Jayson Nix. Travis Hafner bats cleanup because there is no one else and Lyle Overbay goes back to first base now that Mark Teixeira is injured again. Perhaps Chris Stewart needs to be moved up in the lineup at this point because Hafner, Wells and Reid Brignac are certainly not getting on base. This team needs help yesterday.

The Dodgers are currently negotiating a contract extension with their 25-year-old, former Cy Young winning, ace pitcher Clayton Kershaw. Right now they are discussing a seven year deal worth around $180 million, which would eclipse CC Sabathia's 7 year, $161 million contract. At one point the two sides actually went as far as 12 years, $300 million, but then everyone laughed and realized this isn't Monopoly money and the Dodgers spending money hasn't really done much for the team so far. Kershaw is still under contract for 2014 as part of his two year $19 million contract, but it's possible the deal ends up being worth $200 million. Whatever the deal ends up being, Yankees fans can forget about signing Kershaw in free agency.