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2013 All-Star Game: Only one Yankee in All-Star starting lineup


All-Star voting will continue until July 4, but as of June 15 there is only one Yankee making it into the starting lineup. Obviously, that one player is Robinson Cano, who, with 2,409,512 votes, commands a tremendous lead over Dustin Pedroia's 1,635,674. Cano has hit .281/.353/.517 in a two WAR season, but Pedroia has been better, hitting .320/.403/.439 and accumulating 2.7 WAR. Still, I would hate to see Cano sit on the bench for the likes of Pedroia.

Somehow Derek Jeter is still in the top five at shortstop with 669,698 votes, even though he hasn't played in a game this season. Does that say more about Jeter or less about the other 10 shortstops who didn't make it into the top five?

Ichiro Suzuki is in the top 15 for outfielders with 620,734 votes and is very unlikely to get in. The outfielder has hit .263/.301/.333, which is pretty underwhelming for a regular player and rather uninspiring for an All-Star. He has only managed to accumulate 0.1 WAR so far this season, so it's obvious he's no All-Star.

Someone who won't be getting voted in by the fans is Brett Gardner. He has hit .283/.351/.445 this season and his 2.3 WAR is not only the best on the team, but is actually the fifth highest out of all American League outfielders. Hopefully Jim Leyland chooses him to make it as a reserve because he's certainly earned an All-Star nod for his production on the field. Of course, most of his value stems from his incredible defense (117 wRC+), so that could leave him on the outside looking in.

As for starting pitchers, Hiroki Kuroda, CC Sabathia, and Andy Pettitte all sit in the 9th-14th best range in the American League, according to WAR. Each could be up for an appearance off the bench, though it's highly unlikely they all make it. As for relievers, Mariano Rivera is a give in and is currently ranked fourth in the AL in WAR. David Robertson and Preston Claiborne are currently in the top 10, but middle relievers tend to have trouble getting in unless they're having an unbelievable season.

If the Yankees get three All-Stars this season, considering everything that has happened, that's not too bad.