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Mark Teixeira leaves the game with an injury

Ezra Shaw

Mark Teixeira was removed from the today's game after batting in the third inning and it seems to be about his wrist. Joe Girardi was asked about it and he said that Tex didn't feel right in his wrist. This seems more precautionary than anything, but he's going to get tomorrow off too and then they'd re-evaluate.

Without a medical degree I'll say that he probably felt some kind of weakness in the wrist that didn't allow him to swing as firmly as he normally would. I imagine it would be a precursor to further injury if he didn't stop playing. This is not an injury you can play through, and considering that it would lead to a decline in ability, he made the right decision to sit. He is just 3 for 35 batting left-handed and he has said he feels pain when he swings the bat.

Lyle Overbay just so happened to be the DH today, so David Adams is now playing first base. This should be an interesting day.

If Teixiera has to go on the disabled list again or even needs surgery, the Yankees are going to be in trouble. They're already in a lot of trouble, since he's only hit .157/.279/.353 in 14 games, but the problem is that so many injuries have depleted not just the major league club, but also the Triple-A roster. It's also made me completely numb to these things. The Yankees might have to make a stupid trade just because they need more warm bodies.

Sounds promising.

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