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Yankees 2, Angels 5: At least they scored a little

Jeff Gross

Andy Pettitte's start tonight would have been classified as "gritty" if the Yankees were actually good enough to win. He gave up 11 hits and managed four strikeouts, but only gave up four runs. Instead of gritty, we'll call it "not good enough" or "was just not that good." He got hit hard, even when they ended up only being loud outs, and it seemed like he could never shut down the Angels' offense. Sadly, four runs in seven innings is not good enough for this offense right now. Chris Bootcheck made his debut to pitch one inning and give up an extra run on two hits and two walks with one strikeout.

If it's one thing the Yankees can't do right now, it's fall into a deficit early on, and that's exactly what happened. The Angels scored in the third inning after singles from Mike Trout and Albert Pujols and an RBI single from Proven Yankee Killer™ Howie Kendrick. Chris Iannetta scored their second run off a sacrifice fly in the fourth inning. Then in the fifth the Angels took the lead, even though the inning looked to be promising for the Yankees. Vernon Wells threw Albert Pujols out at the plate, but Chris Iannetta singled to score another runner.

In the seventh inning David Adams and Reid Brignac couldn't decide who should catch a Peter Bourjos fly ball or something, so they decided no one should and it landed near second base. When he ended up coming around to score it made the two of them look even stupider. The Yankees got another runner out at the plate, but, once again, the next batter brought a run in anyway and it was 5-2, Angels.

The offense was pretty much punchless again, but they did finally score for the first time since the first inning of yesterday's game. In the fourth inning Robinson Cano got it started and Vernon Wells actually hit an opposite field single. Thomas Neal walked to load the bases and David Adams broke an 0-26 streak and 20-inning scoreless streak to bring in two runs and make it 2-1. Then the offense went back to sleep.

In his first game as a Yankee, Thomas Neal collected a hit and a walk before getting pinch hit for by Ichiro Suzuki for some reason. Brett Gardner, Jayson Nix, Cano, Wells, and Adams had the other hits and Mark Teixeira (2) and Brignac had the other walks. Austin Romine, despite his newly found ability to block the plate, was responsible for ending two rallies tonight, maybe more.

This is their fourth straight loss, but maybe Tommy Hanson will be just what the Yankees need. They very well might be no hit by Jered Weaver at this rate, so let's get a win tomorrow.

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