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Derek Jeter has been cleared for baseball activities

You know, for those of you who are bored with seeing Jayson Nix and Reid Brignac play SS.

Tim Boyles

Apologies to all the Jayson Nix and Reid Brignac fans out there, but it looks like there's good news on the Derek Jeter front. Jeter injury is healing and the Captain has been cleared to resume baseball activities. Jeter has been doing some simple rehab down in the training complex in Tampa, such as hitting off of a tee, playing catch, and fielding ground balls that are hit directly to him. With his injury getting better, he can now add running to the list of important things that a shortstop needs to do.

Yankees fans have been missing their team captain since he re-fracturing (is that a word) his ankle at the beginning of Spring Training. His bat could sure provide the 1.21 Gigawatts needed to start up the broken flux capacitor that is the Yankees offense right now. There is still no word on his return, but it is encouraging to hear that the injury is getting better.

Come back to us, Jeter.