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Yankees power outage


The Yankees offense is bad. Going into the season we knew it wouldn't be as good as it normally is, but after a plethora of injuries the Yankees offense was dead. Then somehow they managed a 3.1 WAR in the month of April, hit 26 home runs, batting .261/.330/.432 as a team and were the 15th best offense in the league. Vernon Wells hit .300/.366/.544, Travis Hafner hit .318/.438/.667, and Robinson Cano hit .327/.379/.598.

In the month of May the Yankees hit only .233/.286/.376, hit 27 home runs, and accumulated on 1 WAR, the 25th team in the league. Vernon Wells hit .221/.250/.365, Travis Hafner hit .179/.286/.299, and Ichiro Suzuki hit .247/.272/.360.

Now in June the Yankees have hit .238/.306/.347 with only seven home runs while accumulating only 0.3 WAR so far and placing 22nd in the the league. Vernon Wells is hitting .133/.161/.133, Kevin Youkilis .179/.233/.286, David Adams .133/.133/.133, and Ichiro .233/.303/.233.

The team has hit .230/.297/.332 in the last two weeks and .234/.291/.360 in the last four and the outlook does not look pretty. Besides Curtis Granderson, Derek Jeter, and Alex Rodriguez, the bats the Yankees have been waiting for in Mark Teixeira and Kevin Youkilis have come and gone. There are no more saviors waiting in the wings. In the last week Ichiro, Wells, Teixeira, and Hafner all have a sub-.500 OPS. David Adams hasn't gotten a hit since June 1 and Austin Romine since June.

On the season the Yankees have only two qualified hitters who have a wRC+ over 100, Brett Gardner and Robinson Cano. The team is hitting .247/.303/.414 against right-handers and .242/.315/.357 against left-handers. They have had 10 games this season without an extra base hit and have now gone five games without hitting a home run.

Meanwhile, Thomas Neal has hit .339/.426/.446 (144 wRC+) at Triple-A this season and has yet to get a call up. JR Murphy was hitting .268/.354/.425 (116 wRC+) at Double-A before he was promoted to Scranton, but he could be an instant improvement over Romine right now, if only just because you can't get much worse. Ronnier Mustelier has hit .283/.319/.414 (97 wRC+) at Triple-A since coming back from injury. They have the ability to make improvements to the roster and they have a vacant 40-man roster spot, but they seem dead set on waiting for Francisco Cervelli to come off the 60-day DL. The team needs help now, not in a few weeks, because they currently have a 4.4 WAR, 23rd in the league, and it seems like it's going down hill from there.