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2013 MLB Draft: Yankees' Picks Signing Tracker

Keeping track of all the newest Yankees and their contract status

Jim McIsaac

Here is a way to keep track of who the Yankees have signed and who is still left between now and the signing deadline on July 12th at 5 pm. You can click their names to read up about them in case you missed it the first time or forgot their story. This will be updated with bonus money and assignment as that information becomes available. All picks after the 10th round have the same expected slot money of $100,000, though players can sign for more or less than that. Both players so far (Jagielo, Wade) have signed for their exact slot value.

Round Player Bonus Assignment
1 3B Eric Jagielo $1,839,400 Charleston
1 OF Aaron Judge $1,800,000 (Injured)
1 LHP Ian Clarkin $1,650,100 GCL Yankees 1
2 2B Gosuke Katoh $845,700 GCL Yankees 1
3 OF Michael O'Neill $500,900 Staten Island
4 SS Tyler Wade $371,300 GCL Yankees 1
5 RHP David Palladino $371,000 Staten Island
6 SS John Murphy $20,000 Staten Island
7 RHP Nick Rumbelow $100,000 Staten Island
8 OF Brandon Thomas $75,000 Staten Island
9 LHP Conner Kendrick $115,000 Staten Island
10 LHP Tyler Webb $30,000 Charleston
11 OF Kendall Coleman $150,000 GCL Yankees 2
12 RHP Philip Walby $100,000 Staten Island
13 RHP Cale Coshow Signed Staten Island
14 LHP Caleb Smith $100,000 Staten Island
15 OF Jordan Barnes Signed GCL Yankees 1
16 RHP Ryan Butler Won't Sign -
17 RHP Hever Bueno Didn't Sign -
18 OF Dustin Fowler $278,000 GCL Yankees 1
19 RHP Andy Beresford Signed Staten Island
20 3B Drew Bridges $225,000 GCL Yankees 2
21 LHP Ethan Carnes $75,000 GCL Yankees 2
22 2B Derek Toadvine Signed Staten Island
23 RHP Alex Polanco Signed GCL Yankees 2
24 RHP Sam Agnew-Wieland Signed Staten Island
25 LHP Jordan Floyd Won't Sign -
26 RHP Cal Quantrill Won't Sign -
27 RHP Dillon McNamara Signed Staten Island
28 C Trent Garrison Signed Staten Island
29 OF Charlie White Didn't Sign -
30 OF Cody Thomas Won't sign -
31 SS Kevin Cornelius Signed GCL Yankees 1
32 3B Chaunsey Sumner Signed Staten Island
33 RHP Shane McCarley Won't sign -
34 2B Hector Crespo Signed Staten Island
35 RHP Nick Green Didn't Sign -
36 LHP Nestor Cortes Signed GCL Yankees 1
37 RHP Josh Pettitte Won't sign -
38 OF Andrew Schmidt Won't Sign -
39 SS Ty Afenir Signed GCL Yankees 1
40 OF Kyle Buchanan Didn't Sign -

June 12th - Bryan Hoch reports that the Yankees have signed 13 draft picks, including their first pick - Eric Jagielo.

June 13th - Jim Callis reports that the Yankees have signed Michael O'Neill.

June 13th - George A. King III says that Ian Clarkin will take his physical on Monday and could sign sometime next week, while Brandon Thomas took his physical yesterday.

June 14th - Jim Callis reports that the Yankees have signed Georgia Tech outfielder Brandon Thomas.

June 15th - Jim Callis reports that RHP David Palladino has signed for $371,000.

June 15th - Yankees have signed high school outfielder Kendall Coleman for $150,000, per K. Levine-Flandrup.

June 15th - Conner Kendrick appears to have signed with the team and has already been assigned to a team.

June 17th - Jon Heyman reports that the Yankees have signed Ian Clarkin for slot value.

June 17th - Jim Callis reports that 14th rounder Caleb Smith signed for $100,000.

June 17th - The Yankees signed their 12th round pick Philip Walby for slot money at $100,000.

June 17th - The Yankees have agreed to a deal with 2nd round pick Gosuke Katoh.

June 17th - Cal Quantrill and Andrew Schmidt will not be signing with the Yankees.

June 18th - The Yankees have signed 21st rounder Ethan Carnes for $75,000.

June 19th - Yankees sign Conner Kendrick for $25,200 under slot value.

June 24th - Ryan Butler will be heading to UNCC and will not be signing with the Yankees.

June 25th - The Yankees have signed their 7th round pick Nick Rumbelow for $100,000.

July 11th - The Yankees signed 18th round pick Dustin Fowler for $278,000.

July 11th - First round pick Aaron Judge and the Yankees finally came to terms on an above-slot $1.8M deal.

July 11th - Shane McCarley, the 32nd round pick, will not be signing; he will attend Old Dominion University

July 12th - The Yankees signed 36th round pick Nestor Cortes.

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