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Yankees lineup against Athletics & Robinson Cano Home Run Derby captain

Christian Petersen

The Yankees have announced their lineup against the Oakland Athletics:

Kevin Youkilis is back in the lineup after taking Sunday's game off. He had slid into first base to cover the bag and it looked like he may have re-aggravated his back. He was out of the lineup, but, as expected, will be playing third base today. Between David Adams not hitting and Kevin Youkilis not having a useable back, the Yankees need help at third base in the worst way.

Lyle Overbay will be playing right field on the road for the first time. Joe Girardi originally seemed to imply that Overbay would only be in right when they played at Yankee Stadium or another smaller ballpark, but Stadium seems like a curious choice to have him in the field. Let's hope the experiment doesn't go too horribly.

Robinson Cano and David Wright have been chosen as captains for the 2013 Home Run Derby. The host Mets seemed to like the idea of a New York-led derby at Citi Field. Cano has 15 home run this season, while Wright only has eight. A home run derby at Citi Field will certainly be a challenge for the teams because there might not even be many home runs. ESPN's MLB Park Factors says Citi Field has a home run rate of 0.871, which is 20th in the league.

After winning the Derby in 2011, Cano couldn't even hit one in 2012, so he'll want to try again and hope for better results. I hope Papa Cano is ready with the agua. Will Cano 'snub' Billy Butler again this year so Kansas City Royals fans can boo him for the end of time over something completely unimportant? I guess we'll have to wait and see.