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GIF of the Game: Revenge of the Youk

Just because Youk has been hit 100 times in his career doesn't mean he's happy about another.

Bald power!
Bald power!
Jason Miller

Today was not a good day for Indians starter Carlos Carrasco. The righthander was making his first appearance in a big-league game since August 3, 2011. He missed all of last year with Tommy John surgery and had to miss his first turn in the rotation this year due to an old suspension. Major League Baseball punished Carrasco for throwing a pitch near Royals DH Billy Butler's head immediately after a Melky Cabrera homer during a game on July 29, 2011. One would think that the young pitcher acquired in the Cliff Lee deal would have learned a thing or two about controlling emotions on the mound from that experience.

Matt F.'s Recap: Yankees 14, Indians 1

Well, fast-forward about 20 months to today. Carrasco let this game get out of hand early as the Yankees built a 5-0 lead with two outs in the fourth. The suddenly-scalding Robinson Cano stepped to the dish with a runner on, and took Carrasco deep to left-center field to give the Yanks a 7-0 lead.

What happened next? Scroll over the image to find out if you don't know--you will also discover what happened a couple innings later.

Carrasco drilled Kevin Youkilis with the very next pitch and was understandably ejected without warning by young home plate umpire Jordan Baker. Two innings later against mop-up man Brett Myers, Youk got his revenge by blasting a two-run homer to left field. Justice.

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