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GIF of the Game: Brett Gardner is back

A bright spot in an otherwise dark game.

"Miss me last year?"
"Miss me last year?"

I don't normally do GIFs of the Game on weekends, but the combination of Brett Gardner and Greg Kirkland inspired me to create a GIF of the one silver lining from the Saturday afternoon letdown in Detroit.

You see, at one point, those crazy Yankees were actually close in the game. It was not quite a dumpster fire yet! Granted, this play occurred early on, but take it or leave it.

Phil Hughes did not quite bring his "A" game in his first start of the season, and the Tigers were threatening to break the 1-1 tie in the bottom of the third when Torii Hunter singled and Miguel Cabrera doubled him to third. Shortly thereafter, Victor Martinez came to the plate and smoked a Hughes pitch to center field. It was falling quickly, but Gardner raced in and did this (you may need to scroll over the GIF to make it work):

The catch saved two runs and prevented the Tigers from taking the lead. I sure missed watching Gardner play defense while he was out for almost all of 2012 with an elbow injury. There haven't been many things to smile about yet this season for the Yankees. This helped, even though the Yanks went on to lose the game.

Also in another baseball game: Raul Ibanez is still Raul Ibanez.

Johnny Damon would be so proud.

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