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Yankees 4, Tigers 8: More of the same

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If you don't feel like reading a couple hundred words about this game, I won't blame you. In fact, I can basically sum the entire thing up with one picture. You're welcome.

If you actually decided to continue, I'm sorry, but also thank you. We'll get through this thing together. Maybe. I hope.

Going into this season, the concerns surrounded the offense. How could this lineup of misfits and castoffs make up for all the injuries and departed free agents? Unfortunately, with the exception of Andy Pettitte, a lot of the blame for the team's shortcomings has fallen at the feet of the pitchers we all figured would be a strength. The bullpen has faltered, the starters have struggled -- they are failing to keep an offense that is somehow exceeding their low expectations afloat.

GIF of the Game: Brett Gardner is back

Phil Hughes' four innings today were scattered with eight hits that led to three earned runs. The fourth run can be charged to Jayson Nix, who botched the first grounder of the game. He's supposed to be here for his defense, and yet he's managed to look pretty terrible at his supposed strength since Spring Training began. The bullpen brigade did not improve the situation for the Yankees, as Boone Logan came on in relief and allowed a run while only recording one out. Joe Girardi had little choice but to burn David Phelps in long relief, and Phelps was far from sharp. Joba Chamberlain finished out the game, allowing a run of his own after he loaded the bases with no outs.

The Tigers' 1-3 hitters were 10 for 14 in the game. Yankee pitchers just had nothing with which to retire them with. The offense as currently constructed can't be expected to score eight runs, so that was pretty much that. Max Scherzer basically led the world in strikeout percentage last year, but he struggled enough to leave the door open for the Yankees. They failed to capitalize in a big way.

In the second inning, the Yankees hit a home run (Vernon Wells), a double (Lyle Overbay), and a triple (Brennan Boesch). Good news, right? No, they only scored one run from that. Boesch was thrown out at the plate after inexplicably deciding to come home on a shallow fly ball by Francisco Cervelli. Yes, this team has to take chances, but they also can't afford to waste base runners in such a ridiculous way. The ball was way too shallow, and Boesch is way too slow. Oh well.

Lyle Overbay may very well have been the offensive MVP of the game with his double and two-run single with the bases loaded. The offense managed to cut the deficit to one run after the bullpen explosion during a three-run sixth inning, but the bullpen gave two of those runs right back in the bottom of the frame. Ultimately, it didn't matter.

CC Sabathia will be charged with the task of avoiding the sweep against Justin Verlander tomorrow afternoon at 1 pm. That seems like a tall order right now, but I suppose that anything can happen, right? It's a long season, guys.


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