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Around the Empire: New York Yankees News - 4/6/13

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Quick Hits

  • X-Rays: After a scary moment during yesterday's game, Eduardo Nunez only has a bruised right bicep. He originally thought it was broken when he couldn't feel anything.
  • Healthy: Hiroki Kuroda threw a bullpen session before yesterday's game and he looks to be fine for his next start.
  • Rehab: Derek Jeter will likely have to go through a mini Spring Training, rather than just a few minor league rehab games, before he comes off the DL. He hit off a tee yesterday, but has yet to get in the field.
  • Owners: Is your team's owner a major league asshole?
  • Return: 8-10 weeks is still the timetable for Mark Teixeira's return to the lineup.
  • Imagine: Francisco Cervelli might be the backup infielder behind Jayson Nix.

Questions of the Day

  • If the Yankees need to DL Nunez, who should they bring up to replace him?
  • When will Derek Jeter return?
  • What is your favorite sense?
  • What do you normally keep in your pockets?

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