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Phil Hughes is back and starting tomorrow. Phelps to the pen.

Phil Hughes' rehab start for the RailRiders was cancelled tomorrow. Instead, he'll be facing the Detroit Tigers tomorrow at 4PM.

Philthy? Philthy!
Philthy? Philthy!
Al Bello

The Yankees have decided to scrap Phil Hughes' rehab start in Triple A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre tomorrow. Instead, Hughes will be starting for their major league affiliate, the New York Yankees. Hughes has been dealing with back problems this spring and has been recovering in the minors. Hughes pitched pretty well in Comerica the last time he was there, so that's encouraging.

What this move also means is that David Phelps will be headed to the pen to provide long man relief duty. Or Phelps will be replacing Nova in the rotation while Nova gets sent down to work on his mechanics. Okay, the latter is a bit of a stretch. After today's performance, the Yankees probably feel that the bullpen is where Phelps can most help out the team right now. April has continued the Spring Training vibe of providing fascinating experiments into the Yankees issues right now. We'll see how this one develops.

Either way, welcome back Hughes. Best of luck tomorrow.

UPDATE: The Yankees sent down Cody Eppley to make room for Hughes.

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