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GIF of the Game: Stop. Cervelli Time.

Cervelli thinks it's no big deal that Russ is gone. Can you blame him?

Cervelli: "Lol Victorino."
Cervelli: "Lol Victorino."

There was doubt when the Yankees decided to go with a Francisco Cervelli/Chris Stewart platoon for the 2013 season. Cervelli chuckled at the thought, and he put on a show tonight in the Yankees' first win of the season.

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First, he caught Shane Victorino trying to steal a run from second base early in the game on a wild pitch. A dive to the plate helped him tag the runner out and produce the amusing first half of the GIF. Later on in the game, Cervelli took righty reliever Clayton Mortensen deep to right-center field. It was about as far away in the ballpark for a hitter to homer, yet Cervelli blasted it off the back wall of the bullpen, probably about 420 feet away.

Let's hope for more of this from Cervelli as the season progresses.

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