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GIF of the Game: This is your defense. This is your defense on Boesch. Any questions?

Nunez played like Ozzie Smith while Boesch played like Bill Buckner. Lovely.

You know what you did.
You know what you did.

The Yankees did not score a run yesterday, so they lost. The defense could have been absolutely perfect, but the Rays needed just one run to beat the Yanks. One of their three runs came on a ball hit over the fence, so it wasn't going to be scoreless unless you think Andy Pettitte would have pitched differently to Sean Rodriguez when losing by two runs than when in a tie game (probably not).

Still, shoddy defense hurt the Yanks yesterday, although it certainly did not happen in the infield. Shortstop Eduardo Nunez had a terrific day, reaching two grounders far from his original position, and delivering accurate throws to first:

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That's how to play defense. Brennan Boesch wasn't watching. After a questionable hit-by-pitch to lead off the fifth, Kelly Johnson grounded a base hit to right field. The ball did not take any weird skips or do anything unusual; it just slowly rolled toward Boesch. And yet:

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Raul Ibanez is laughing at you, Boesch.

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