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GIF of the Game: Ichiro lives

The single-season hit king apparently does not fancy hanging around the Mendoza Line.


The pitching matchup for tonight's game was Phil Hughes vs. David Price. The Yankees' lineup against lefties features, in Tanya's words, "a guy hitting roughly the weight of a plump fourth grader" in the five hole, Ben Francisco. They have been struggling against all lefties, let alone the defending Cy Young Award winner.

The Yankees winning this matchup was simply theft. Pure larceny.

Hughes pitched well, and the offense scratched out a couple runs against Price to deadlock the game at two going into the ninth. Robinson Cano knocked Price out of the game with a leadoff single, and against the AL's best reliever last year, Fernando Rodney, they loaded the bases with two outs for Ichiro Suzuki. 2013 has not been kind to the future Hall of Famer; his slow start has made fans rue the fact that he is under contract for two years as he enters his forties.

Tonight though, Ichiro turned back the clock to give the Yanks a ninth-inning lead and one Mariano Rivera inning later, the victory.

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