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Off-day open thread

We won't have one of these for another 13 days. Huzzah!

Friendly reminder that this thing is the Rays' mascot.
Friendly reminder that this thing is the Rays' mascot.

Fret not, Yankees fans. The off-day immediately after Opening Day is frustrating, but the Yankees will not have another one until April 15th. If you're looking for other games tonight, the big one is the Indians and Blue Jays' battle in Toronto's opener--R.A. Dickey's return to the AL. The rest of the short slate is Rockies vs. Brewers, Rangers vs. Astros, Cardinals vs. Diamondbacks, Mariners vs. Athletics, and Giants vs. Dodgers. The Orioles have a 7-3 lead on the Rays in the eighth inning at the time I'm writing this.

The Yankees will get 12 games in a row after tonight before their day off on the 15th. Then, they begin their first interleague series of the year, a three-game set at home against the Dbacks, which might feature former prospect Ian Kennedy's first career start against his old team.

Here are the next few series until the next off-day:

4/3-4/4: vs. Boston Red Sox
4/5-4/7: at Detroit Tigers
4/8-4/11: at Cleveland Indians
4/12-4/14: vs. Baltimore Orioles

Open thread questions for the night:

  • How do you think the Yankees will fare over the next 12-game stretch?
  • Do you expect the Yankees and Robinson Cano to work out an extension this month given his new agency affiliation? If not then, when?
  • Who is your favorite all-time Saturday Night Live cast member? "Weekend Update" anchor?
  • Will you go see the new Jackie Robinson movie, 42? Which sports figure would you like to see a biopic made about?

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