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Robinson Cano fires Scott Boras

Is a change of strategy in the offing?


Per Buster Olney:

One wonders if this suggests that Cano has rejected Boras's typically aggressive tactics and would prefer to sign an extension rather than test free agency after the season. Perhaps the reaction to and aftermath of Alex Rodriguez's opt-out has served as a cautionary tale to Cano. Of course, the story of A-Rod's successful gamble says at least as much about the Yankees than it does about Rodriguez -- there was hubris aplenty on both sides, and both sides have been punished for it. If Cano tested the market he wouldn't be guilty of anything worse than finding out what his true value is, but of course it's also his right to forgo that and take what will still be millions and millions of dollars from his current team.

This is all speculation of course. We'll have more as news becomes available.


Looks like Boras didn't know about the switch...

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