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Patriots' Day Open Thread

Our prayers are with the city of Boston. If it makes you feel better, here's a moment of levity.

Mo is not amused by  your exploits, Nix.
Mo is not amused by your exploits, Nix.
Al Bello

I'll quote what Steve said in his article about Jackie Robinson Day earlier today: "As we wait for further news, we can only hope that no more innocents are lost and look forward to a time when baseball is again the most important subject we have to talk about."

Today's story about the explosions at the Boston Marathon was about the worst-case scenario for what was supposed to be a glorious day for the city of the Boston. State holiday away from the daily grind, Red Sox game at 11am, Bruins game at night, and of course, the Boston Marathon. That day was ruined this afternoon by the terrifying news. If you somehow haven't heard about it yet, stop reading and Google it (but don't read the New York Post's stories, which are unconfirmed by the Boston Police Department).

In baseball action, the Red Sox beat the Rays 3-2 on a Mike Napoli double off the Green Monster in the bottom of the ninth after Proven Closer II Andrew Bailey blew the save. The Mets and Rockies were snowed out in Colorado, but there will be Phillies/Reds on ESPN, and all of Cardinals/Pirates, Nats/Marlins, ChiSox/Jays, Angels/Twins, Astros/A's, and Dodgers/Padres on the docket. Yankees baseball (and hopefully a "return to normalcy") returns tomorrow when the Yanks take on the Diamondbacks at Yankee Stadium.

And hey, I finally made the "Mariano Rivera is pissed at Jayson Nix" GIFs!

The error

The eye roll

I feel like I will often link back to that one if the Yanks run into any crappy games sometime soon. (Lookin' fearfully at you, Ivan Nova--he starts tomorrow.)

Here are some open questions for the evening:

  • The Yanks are about to play 16 days in a row, with three at home against the D-backs, six on the road in Toronto and Tampa Bay, then seven more at home against the Blue Jays and Astros. How do you think the Yankees will fare?
  • Which AL East foe are you most skeptical about so far? Why?
  • Building on Keith's broadcaster article from earlier today, who are your favorite and least favorite members of the YES Network's team?
  • Do you watch baseball on Yankee off-days, or do you do something else instead?

There's not much we can do on a day like this except pause and say a prayer for Beantown. In the meantime, feel free to use this as an open thread for the evening.

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