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GIFs of the Game: Brett Gardner homers off foul pole, Hiroki Kuroda dominates

Why can't all victories be this simple?

HIROK directs Orioles hitters to their seats.
HIROK directs Orioles hitters to their seats.

The scene: Sunday Night Baseball, Yankees vs. Orioles.

Brett Gardner went "gong" off Wei-Yin Chen to give the Yanks a comfortable lead, his first dinger against a lefty since July 2010:

Hiroki Kuroda took care of the rest of the night, blanking the Orioles on five hits in a shutout. Chris Davis swung over a fading slider on his 113th and final pitch of the night:

Francisco Cervelli was his usual Cervelli self after the win, but Kuroda embodied the honey badger with his reaction. Typical.

Also, Jayson Nix did this in the ninth inning while Kuroda was trying to finish his shutout. A certain Hall of Famer warming up in the bullpen in case he was needed was not amused. It might be my favorite Mariano Rivera GIF ever.

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