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Andy Pettitte's next start moved back due to back spasms


The Yankees announced earlier that the rotation for the weekend series against the Baltimore Orioles would be revised and people immediately started wondering why. CC Sabathia will pitch tonight, while Phil Hughes and Hiroki Kuroda will follow him. It appeared that they simply wanted to get Hughes some work after his scheduled start had been rained out, but now it seems there is an actual reason.

Andy Pettitte's next start will be pushed back due to back stiffness after his last start and it got worse last night. For those panicking, it doesn't seem to be very serious at the moment. They just want to make sure he's healthy before they send him out there, and at 40 it's probably for the best. Pettitte might be pitching better than he did when he was young, but his body is still going to act up like the old man that he is. The team needs to take this into account and monitor how his body acts to a full season, since he only pitched around 75 innings last season. If he needs time off during the season it might not be a bad thing to give him a start off so he's ready down the stretch.

Joe Girardi is hopeful that he'll be ready to start Tuesday or Wednesday when the Arizona Diamondbacks come into town for the Yankees' first interleague run in of the season.

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