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Rain Out: Remember when we had baseball?


It appears that this game isn't happening either, everyone. The people at Progressive Field wanted to pretend it wasn't raining, claiming the game would start at 8:30. The severe lack of players on the field, with a tarp on the field instead, and all that pesky rain proved to be too much and now we have no baseball for the second day in a row.

The Yankees don't come back to Cleveland this season, so that would mean they have to make up two games in a city they aren't going to be in again. That means rescheduling these games is going to be messy. They'll have to sacrifice at least one, but probably two, off days later in the season. The good thing is that there will be more baseball for us, but the bad news is that there will be more baseball for them. You need off days and when you lose them it's not really a good thing. I'm so happy there was an off day on the second day of the season, no way that could have been useful at any other point in the next few months. At least they'll get to face the indians again.

The Yankees go back to New York tomorrow to take on the Baltimore Orioles. Phil Hughes was supposed to pitch tonight after recovering from a stomach bug. It looks like he will be pushed back a day and will make the start tomorrow, so the extra day to recover might be a good thing. Hopefully these two days off won't slow down the Yankees offense, which has broken out of its first week slump and scored 35 runs in the last three games.


It seems that Hughes will be available out of the bullpen for the next few days until he can get back into the rotation. This will ensure that he's healthy for his next start (back and tummy), but also that the rest of the rotation doesn't get too out of whack.

CC Sabathia going for the Yankees sounds like a great idea. The Orioles have been good and the Yankees could use the best pitcher available to keep their winning streak alive.