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Yankee game vs. Cleveland Indians postponed for rain

Al Bello

Tonight's game against the Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field has been postponed due to rain. There will not be a doubleheader tomorrow, but just the normally scheduled 7:05 game instead. Phil Hughes is going to get the start, per Joe Girardi, who says that Ivan Nova's turn in the rotation is being skipped. That is assuming that Hughes gets over his stomach bug before the game. If he is still sick, Nova will pitch after all.

Unfortunately for the Yankees, tomorrow's forecast in Cleveland doesn't look much more promising than it did today. Getting rained out always sucks because you lose an important off day down the stretch that an aging roster will inevitably need. Getting rained out two nights in a row in early April would be terrible. I guess if you want to find the silver lining in that, it's that by the time the team plays the makeup game, maybe the roster will be healthy. We can hope.

Feel free to use this thread as your open thread for the night. Thanks for nothing, mother nature.

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