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The John Sterling Project comes to the Pinstriped Bible

Apparently, John Sterling does have a monitor.
Apparently, John Sterling does have a monitor.
David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

The Yankees launched five long balls in last night's game against the Indians, which gave John Sterling the opportunity to unveil his home run calls for Lyle Overbay and Brennan Boesch. For those preoccupied by more mundane things like the team's performance, the barrage of homers was also enough to vault the Bronx Bombers into the major league lead for round trippers. So much for the Yankees' power outage? I guess you really can't predict baseball.

In honor of the longevity and creativity of the 25-year veteran of Yankees' play-by-play, I've started what I like to call the John Sterling Project. The results of that endeavor are presented below, but, unfortunately, it is still far from complete. Can you fill in some of the blanks? If so, please check out the guidelines of the project at the Captain's Blog and leave a comment at that site with any leads you might have. Of course, if you just want to wax poetic about the great John Sterling, or suggest a home run call of your own, the comments section below beckons to you like Suzyn Waldman as she tries to line up a post game interview.

John Sterling's Personalized Home Run Calls, Since 2002 (click to enlarge)