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Guide to the Pinstriped Bible on social media

Keep up to date with the Pinstriped Bible and staff via social media.

Happy Opening Day, everyone! As we begin the 2013 season, we want to make sure that you know all the ways to stay connected with Pinstriped Bible via social media when you aren't able to follow along with one of our game threads or want updates while you are at work without access to the site.

New seasons bring new readers and if you happen to be one of those new readers, welcome to the Pinstriped Bible! Sign up for an SB Nation account if you haven't already, and join us in the comments! Follow us on Twitter and like PB on Facebook to make sure that you don't miss any PB posts and get some Yankee commentary from Andrew, Jason, and myself. Each writer's Twitter brings something different, but you can count on plenty of Yankees talk as well. Follow us for that, or to discuss Justin Timberlake with Greg, comic books with Jason, baseball history with Andrew, cricket with Matt F., or Minor League Baseball with me.

You can also share your favorite PB posts with your Twitter followers or Facebook friends right from the top of every post on the site. Leave your own Twitter names in the comments below if you'd like, and it can be one big PB follow party. Exciting stuff.

Pinstriped Bible:
Twitter - @pinstripebible
Facebook -

Tanya Bondurant:
Twitter - @aynat211

Andrew Mearns:
Twitter - @greatscott723

Jason Cohen:
Twitter - @Jason00Cohen

Greg Kirkland:
Twitter - @ImNotaHRHitter

William Juliano:
Twitter - @williamnyy23

Matt Ferenchick:
Twitter - @MattF15

Craig Edwards:
Twitter - @craigjedwards

Mason Stark:
Twitter - @bassdefense

Michael Brown:
Twitter - @ChuckBurly

Joe Flynn:
Twitter - @ChinaJoeFlynn

Jesse Schindler:
Twitter - @HIROKnRoll

Derek Albin:
Twitter - @DerekAlbin

Chris Mitchell:
Twitter - @_chris_mitchell

Each writer's email is listed in their profile on the Masthead if you need to contact any of us directly for any reason. We all like suggestions and feedback, so don't hesitate to give us a shout if you want to.

We're excited about this upcoming season and are looking forward to a great year here at the Pinstriped Bible. Thanks for choosing to spend it with us!

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