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GIFs of the Game 3/8/13: New York Yankees vs. Miami Marlins

Yesterday's 6-1 loss was fairly boring, but there were some fun plays. And Mark Montgomery's slider.

"And it was the last thing he saw..."
"And it was the last thing he saw..."

Let's dive right into it.

Yankee Highlight of the Game

Kevin Youkilis showed he's no slouch at third base by making a nice diving stop on a Juan Pierre slash bunt up the line. Pierre might be 35 and in decline, but he still stole 37 bases last year with the Philadelphia Phillies, and he ranks 19th all-time with 591 swipes. Youk recovered from his dive and threw out the fleet-footed Pierre out in time. Good on ya, Youk.

Yankee Lowlight of the Game

The Miami Marlins pretty much small-balled the Yankees to death yesterday, so there were no real "big" failure plays like a decisive homer. So instead, we go to the Marlins' first at-bat of the game, also featuring Pierre. Facing Adam Warren, he chopped one high toward the left of first baseman Dan Johnson. He fielded it and went to beat Johnson to the bag, but Warren got in the way, so...


Random GIF of the Game: MONTIE

Yes, this GIF needed to be this big. It appears as though one of the aliens from Space Jam has a magnet that attracts baseball under home plate. Mark Montgomery's slider was simply sucked into the ground, making Kyle Skipworth look pretty darn silly. Hopefully we will see that slider at the major-league level later this season.