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Around the Empire: New York Yankees News - 3/7/13


Yesterday on Pinstriped Bible:

Around the World:

Answering the Questions - LoHud | Chad Jennings

LoHud gets a lot of questions answered. Chad Jennings talks to Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi about the severity of Tex's injury and the options for first base.

Pop Goes the Season - The Captain Blog | William Juliano

William believes that the Yankees had this coming to them with their offseason spending plan. Now they have no depth and if they want to look into a trade, candidates like Justin Morneau, Victor Martinez and Chase Headley will be very expensive.

Gardner's Swing - It's About the Money | Michael Eder

IIATMS looks at Brett Gardner's swing from last year and compares it to the one he is employing so far in 2013. Apparently he had switched to a swing that was more consistent with a power hitter, but now he's back to his usual swing.

The Shortstop of the Future - It's About the Money | Brad Vietrogoski

One of the biggest failures of the Yankee minor league system is its inability to develop a replacement for Derek Jeter for when he retires. After 2014, Jeter will be 40 and without a contract, so it might be the perfect time for retirement. Eduardo Nunez, Addison Maruszak, Cito Culver, Claudio Custodio, and Austin Aune are all either not good enough or too young for us to know if they're good enough.

Don't Panic - ESPN | Ian O'Connor

Brian Cashman is still confident in the team the Yankees will be fielding come opening day. Even though they have a lot of injuries he knows they will be back and will help the team compete for a playoff spot. Cashman is not panicing.

Taking it Slow - ESPN | Andrew Marchand

Derek Jeter is being patient when it comes to returning from injury. He's slated to return on Sunday, but he could also debut Monday, depending on how he feels. His next hurdle will be running the bases at full speed, which should be happening very soon.

Roll Call - Fox Sports | Ken Rosenthal

With all the injuries coming to the Yankee regulars and the fact that Brian Cashman is not looking to trade for anyone, Yankee fans are going to have to get used to the idea of replacement players starting for the team.

There's Still Time - CBS Sports | Matt Snyder

Despite the slew of injuries the Yankees will be fine. The season is six months long and even if Curtis Granderson and Mark Teixeira miss the first month of the season the team can still get healthy and make up for lost time.

One Possible Target - The Greedy Pinstripes | Daniel Burch

The Greedy Pinstripes makes the case for the Yankees to sign still free agent Carlos Lee to man first base while Teixeira is out.

Quick Hits:

Don't Believe Everything You Hear: The rumors about Robinson Cano and Curtis Granderson being suspended for PEDs is absolutely false.

Impressive: With all the injuries happening this offseason the team currently has $65.5M on the Disabled List.

Options: Brian Cashman believes the team can look at both first basemen and third basemen because of Kevin Youkilis' versatility, even if those players aren't all that great.

Trade Targets: Jon Heyman identified potential targets for the Yankees to acquire: Michael Cuddyer, Justin Morneau, Carlos Pena, Greg Dobbs, Casey Kotchman, Carlos Lee, Aubrey Huff.

Questions of the Day:

  • If you were commissioner what would your first order of business be?
  • DH or no DH? Both Leagues or just one?
  • Are you a morning person or a night owl?
  • If you could have any super power what would it be?
  • Bonus Question: How do you think the Yankees should replace all their injuries?

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