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GIFs of the Game 3/5/13: New York Yankees vs. Atlanta Braves

Phelps excelled on the mound and in the humor department. He was not pitching for the Uggla incident.

"What were your thoughts on the game, Hank?" (Insert your own answer).
"What were your thoughts on the game, Hank?" (Insert your own answer).
J. Meric

Game recap for a 2-0 loss.

Yankee Highlight of the Game

David Phelps doin' his thing. In the GIF are two strikeouts and a meek grounder in which he shows off an impressive curveball. Overall, he threw four innings of two-hit ball, allowing one run.

Yankee Lowlight of the Game

The injury to Mark Teixeira at WBC practice doesn't count, otherwise it would win this. David Robertson's sleeping habits would also have made a good choice. Instead, we will go with an "oops" that went on during the game, an embarrassingly bad pitch by Branden Pinder up and in to Atlanta Braves second baseman Dan Uggla. He was not pleased.

Random GIF of the Game


It had to be. New York Yankees first baseman Dan Johnson flips a ball snared on a nice play to Phelps covering in time to get Freddie Freeman. Suddenly, Freeman turns into the Hug Monster and Phelps is immobilized.