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Mark Teixeira forced to leave Team USA due to forearm discomfort

Otto Greule Jr

What seemed like the Year of the Back may end up being the Year of the Forearm, as Mark Teixeira was scratched from Team USA's game against the Chicago White Sox today. Teixeira was sent for x-rays that came back negative, but further testing is planned for the Yankee first baseman.

Tex first felt the problem while swinging in the cages, and trainer Gene Monahan, who is with Team USA, told Joe Girardi that the issue is on the inside of Teixeira's right forearm. Obviously, it's not clear at this point if this is serious; and if it is, to what degree. This will end up costing Teixeira his place on Team USA in the World Baseball Classic, though, as Girardi said he will likely be instructed to leave Phoenix to travel to Tampa or New York to see Yankee doctors.

Allowing key players to participate in the WBC will always come with these risks, so it shouldn't come as a surprise when the team isn't thrilled about a player's interest in participating. It's nice to represent your country, but the injury risk that comes with it is very real. Let's just hope this incident ends up being a non-issue for Tex and for the team. The last thing they need is another injury to a key component.

As much of an update as we have right now, as first seen by our own Mr. Kirkland:

Get well soon, Tex.