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Making the Team Meter: Yankees Spring Training Pitchers - Week One

Examining where players without guaranteed spots on the Yankees' Opening Day roster stand in their quest to make the team after one week of Spring Training. Hat tip to our SBN sister site, Talking Chop, for the inspiration.

Will Francisco Rondon make it on the team?
Will Francisco Rondon make it on the team?

Week one of Spring Training is over and with the first round of cuts behind us it is more clear who has a chance to make the team and who doesn't. The pitching staff is pretty much set in stone for the most part, with only a handful of roles that could be in question. Obviously, injuries could also happen and change the face of the pitching landscape, but this is the outlook for the moment.

The only real opening concerns whether or not Joe Girardi wants to keep a second lefty in the bullpen or not. He most likely does, so that means Clay Rapada has the leg up, but the organization has brought in plenty of LOOGY depth and Francisco Rondon seems to be getting a good look. If Rapada is not going to be on the team then Cody Eppley and Shawn Kelley have first dibs on a bullpen spot. If Boone Logan's injury ends up being more serious then there could be need for a replacement and if Phil Hughes is not ready to go and David Phelps takes his spot in the rotation, Adam Warren could be next in line for the longman role. Most of this list consists of prospects too far away or organizational fodder that is likely to never see the Bronx.

Red: Based on performance or situation, this player has a slim to no chance of making the team.
Yellow: Player theoretically could make the team with an overwhelming performance or unexpected development.
Chartreuse : Player has a decent chance of making the team if they can beat out their immediate competition.
Green: Player is in a very favorable situation for making the team. Likely seen as the favorite for an open job.

There are definitely several talented Minor League starters in camp this year, but without a clear opening it doesn't look like any of them will have a spot on the team. Jose Ramirez, Nik Turley, Adam Warren, and Brett Marshall look to be heading back to their respective levels to continue doing what they're doing. Warren will be first in line for a call up if a starter is needed.

The Yankees brought in a lot of left handed relief depth and most of it will probably go unused. Juan Cedeno and Matt Tracy will be spending a lot of time in the minors and Josh Spence could end up on the team at some point if there is an injury. Francisco Rondon seems to have the best chance out of the bunch, but he's probably still destined for Triple-A.

The right handed pitching corps is filled with a few hopefuls and a lot of cannon fodder that will probably get the call first. Cody Eppley, Shawn Kelley, and Jim Miller are the three representing veteran depth, while Chase Whitley, Branden Pinder, Preston Claiborne, and Tom Kahnle are mostly here to show off for the coaches. Then there's Kelvin Perez. Then there's Mark Montgomery, who has an outside shot of making the team, but will most likely have to wait his turn.

Dellin Betances is not making this team so don't even think about it.