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Brian Cashman Breaks Ankle Skydiving

General Manager down!

It's a long way down
It's a long way down
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Yeah, who didn't see that coming. Apparently he felt something pop when he landed on the ground after skydiving for the Wounded Warrior Project. Now he's going to the hospital with a broken right ankle and will probably be on the DL for the start of the season.

It's good to know that he feels a need to stand by his players so they don't feel alone in this crazy mixed up world. All those worried whether or not the Yankees will try to dump Cashman for breaching his contract, fear not. We here at Pinstriped Bible will keep you posted on any further updates about the situation and perhaps give you a breakdown of the most likely candidates to replace the Yankees GM if it is decided he will not be able to perform.

The Yankees need to be more careful otherwise everyone is going to end up on the disabled list this year. Derek Jeter has a broken ankle, Curtis Granderson has a broken arm (thanks J.A. Happ), Phil Hughes has a bad back, Slade Heathcott is magnetically attracted to brick walls (this one being named Ronnier Mustelier), Ichiro Suzuki was in a car accident, Travis Hafner is Travis Hafner, Joba Chamberlain can't use a trampoline, that Alex Rodriguez guy has no hips, and now Brian Cashman is down. Quick someone put Brett Gardner, David Robertson and Robinson Cano in a bubble and ship them back to Yankee Stadium. Next we'll hear that Mark Newman is climbing a mountain or something.

UPDATE: Buster Olney claims that Cashman will need surgery to repair his ankle. Someone get Kyle Lohse on the phone and offer him a job in the Front Office.

UPDATE II: This sounds painful