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Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball: Yankees' 2013 sleepers, busts, & top performers


By now, you've likely drafted your fantasy baseball team if you're going to participate in a league this season; but if you haven't, or want some more information on the players you drafted, the SB Nation baseball blogs are handing out some advice on their respective teams with a rundown of sleepers, busts, and top performers.


David Phelps - Will Andy Pettitte stay healthy all season? Will Phil Hughes' back injury linger? Will Ivan Nova be able to rebound from a disappointing 2012 season? Phelps is the next man up from the bullpen in case of injury or ineffectiveness within the rotation and he has proven that he has the stuff to be successful as a starter.

Brett Gardner - Gardner missed all but sixteen games a year ago with an elbow injury that ultimately required surgery, but the speedy outfielder is back and has looked extremely impressive at the plate in Spring Training. His defense is top notch, and if he can hit the way he did in 2010, his value will skyrocket once again.

Eduardo Nunez - With uncertainty surrounding Derek Jeter's surgically repaired ankle, Nunez might get his time to shine at shortstop for an extended period of time. His defense has been shaky, but it has seemed a little more controlled this spring. His hitting will be the key, but he could find himself being valuable at the plate for a team depleted by injuries.


Curtis Granderson - He's led the team and league in home runs recently, and was an MVP candidate in 2011, but will Granderson be able to maintain his home run power after he returns from his broken forearm? The Yankees and fantasy owners have to hope so, because the power is where Granderson has derived his value the last few seasons. The average is low, the base stealing is rare, and the defense leaves a bit to be desired at times. Without the home runs, things could get ugly.

Mark Teixeira - Wrist injuries have an odd way of lingering, and Tex's particular injury is one that could require season-ending surgery with one wrong swing. Jose Bautista lost a good chunk of his season to the same injury a year ago, and it wouldn't be surprising to see Teixeira end up taking the same path. Hopefully he returns and all is well, but don't hold your breath on that just yet.

Top Performers:

Robinson Cano - Cano is without a doubt the Yankees' best player, and they will need him to perform at the level that has come to be expected of him if they hope to keep their heads above water until the injured regulars return. There is no reason to think that Cano can't hit 30 home runs again and be a force in the middle of the Yankee lineup. He'll also contribute solid defense at second base as the best player to play the position in MLB right now.

CC Sabathia - The workhorse of the Yankees' rotation is coming off surgery this offseason to remove a bone spur from his elbow, but putting CC down for 200 innings as the unquestioned ace of the staff seems like a given. Best of all, he saves the bullpen from overuse when he takes the ball every five days, which could be crucial.

What Yankees would you be willing to draft on your fantasy team this year? Were you lucky enough to get Cano, or are you taking a chance on one of the rag-tag veterans that could be had for a bargain?

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