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Around the Empire: New York Yankees News - 3/29/13


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Quick Hits

  • Award: Vidal Nuno won the James P. Dawson Award as the top rookie in Yankees Spring Training.
  • Step Up: Mariano Rivera believes someone will need to step up to help the Yankees this year.
  • Scandal Trial: Remember the Brian Cashman affair scandal? The woman's mother is dropping a suit against Cashman that claimed that there was a conspiracy to discredit her daughter.
  • Could Be Worse: If you're worried about the Yankees catching situation, Russell Martin has a .158/.304/.237 batting line in Spring Training.
  • Hits & Saves: Newsday has interactive databases that track Derek Jeter's hit total and Mariano Rivera's saves total.

Questions of the Day

  • Who will be the next Yankee(s) to be DFA'd/released?
  • Ichiro needs 394 (197 per season) more hits to reach 3,000 hits, will he reach it as a Yankee?
  • What is your breakfast of choice?
  • Do you prefer to write with a pen or a pencil?

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